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3 Pickup Mistakes That Men Need To Stop Doing

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Men who desire for sex will go beyond their limits just to acquire it. According to
Perth Escort Agency, it’s still best to remember which pick-up lines will work than the other. Obviously, you would want to make sure that you can bring her to your flat, instead of her leaving. While it’s much easier said than done, there are mistakes that you need to avoid from now on. Check out some of them below!

Using Gimmicks to Cover Up Poor Social Skills

Real Players do not need tricks. They do not need flat-out lies (however, a little tweaking now and then is acceptable). Real Players absolutely do not get a woman drunk to take advantage of her. Real Players are gentlemen, and their confidence, class and consideration warms the ladies up. Real Players don’t know any tricks but the magic they bring in bed. You finish your last drink, watch the loser crash and burn, and slid over to talk to your alluring failure.

Sees Women As One

A pickup mistake that the unrefined guy makes is to believe that all women are recipes, responding to the same steps the same way. Every girl will not race to your bedroom because you were elusive. Not every girl will fall in love with you because of your sensitivity. Nor will a woman like the same lines you used on the girl across the bar. Women have similarities, but they also have great differences. Expand your game, your approaches and your repertoire. Women are like pieces of art — all made of paint strokes and canvas but individual masterpieces each. Learn how to appreciate art, man.

Going too Deep on First Contact

Believe it or not, this is something that has been a common thing in relationships and pursuits of would-be lovers. As a reaction to the machismo of previous generations, people now have those who believe that they must expose their sensitive side to a woman. Unfortunately, this is another grave mistake. Women revel in unraveling mysteries during the process of getting to know a man. This growing awareness is what leads to the bedroom and pleasures beyond that.

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