Frequently Asked Questions About Booking at Perth Escort Agency

For our valued clients and potential ones, thank you for visiting our blog page. And with that, here, we prepared some FAQs or frequently asked questions with regards to doing transactions with us about booking our beautiful and sultry vixens, the Perth escorts. Here at Perth Escort Agency, we ensure discretion, confidentiality and smooth transaction. We make our clients happy with our services guaranteed of ultimate satisfaction.

1. What do I need to know and what information do I need to give before I can book an escort?

Before a client books an escort, they need to browse through the gallery page wherein they will find a line-up of some of the metropolitan’s most beautiful and sensual temptresses. There, they should choose the girl or girls whom they think are comfortable to be with and they are compatible with according to a personal checklist.

If you find yourself unsure and cannot decide, feel free to contact us. Our 24/7 customer service is always there to help you. Whether you want to book an outcall or incall service, we can help you with that. Also, clients should give their names, preferred date of appointment, description, address and pick up and drop off areas.

2. Can I speak or communicate to the escort before booking her?

Yes of course, clients have the chance to communicate with our escorts who make themselves available by leaving their contact numbers as clients browse through their individual profiles. Also, our escorts personally reply to the clients messages. We encourage potential clients not to harass these women because we ensure their safety.

3. Are there any hidden fees or additional charges when booking escorts?

Each of the ladies here at Perth escort agency has their rates. If clients would like to book our escorts outside the place, it is the responsibility of the clients to take charge of the expenses aside from the published rates. Outside appointments are charged as 50% deposit for the advanced booking. Tipping the escort is an option and it’s up to the clients if they would likely to do so.

4. What happens if I made the booking after filling up information?

That depends upon the requests because if the escort is not available on that date, we can contact you and let you know. Either you want to be on the waiting list or book another escort as another choice.

5. Are these girls real?

Ofcourse, we assure our clients that what they see is what they get. You might wonder why some of the girls have blurred pictures on their face, this is to protect their identity. But definitely these girls are real they just use their pseudonyms of course for confidentiality. We encourage our clients not to delve more about personal information with our escorts but that depends on your private discretion if these ladies would like to share about their personal lives and so are you with the client.

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