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Guys Versus Girls: How Do They Differ In Their Views On Sex?

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All (or nearly all) of us believe that sex is beautiful, and is a very natural thing to do. However, when you look at the foundations of how men and women really view sex, you’ll see lots of glaring differences. For example, men generally place a much higher priority on sex than women do, and women have a quite different orientation which demands a different approach too.  Second, women are more oriented to the relationship, while men want physical oneness, and ladies desire emotional oneness. Let’s look further on how guys and girls differ on their views on sex.


Have you ever wondered how your girlfriend, or your favourite Perth Escort Agency ladies view sexual aspects like  – stimulation? According to sex researchers, the top 3 sexual stimulants for men include sight, smell and body-centered stimulation. On the other hand, women prefer touch, attitudes, actions, words and person-centered stimulation!

Sexual Response

The sex experts further added that a guy’s sexual response is mostly “acyclical”, which means anytime and anywhere. Women have a more cyclical sexual response, which means they go through times where they’re more interested in sex than others.

A guy often responds sexually by getting excited quickly, while women get excited much slower. And during sex, most men are single-minded, while girls might easily get distracted wondering about the noise outside, or other minor stuff that goes on around them!


In terms of the release of orgasm, a guy’s sexual release will often be relatively short, intense and very physical. For men, an orgasm is usually needed or required for satisfaction. But for ladies,  orgasms are done for propagation of oneness, and they’re longer and more in depth. Orgasms are emotionally-oriented for ladies too, and satisfaction is still very much possible without orgasm.


Finally, the sex experts concluded that men often need respect and admiration, and they want to be needed physically too. On the other hand, women need understanding, love, and they prefer to be needed emotionally. So what’s the opinion of your girlfriend, or your preferred Perth Escort Agency ladies, on this regard?

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