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Perth Escort Agency: Basic Escort Etiquette

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xFbY70DMHsQEscort service should not be taken lightly. It’s a world of discretion and secrecy but ultimately, fulfilling one of human nature’s most base desires: to exhaust libido whenever it arrives.

Perth Escort Agency is one of the top agencies for escorts in Australia. As a leading escort service provider, the agency promotes the International conduct for hiring an escort. For its vast clientele, the agency advices these tenets to make client experience worthwhile:

1. First contact should be done through the agency. Either by phone or email, a client should not directly contact his chosen escort. It’s one of the fundamentals in booking right. Not going through an agency means the client risks being robbed, not having the right representation, and ultimately not having the experience he wanted. Escort agencies are there to make the business deal between the client and the escort safe and mutual.

2. When the client can, he should read thoroughly the terms and conditions set by the agency. To avoid unwanted incidents happening on the time between the client and the escort, there are prescribed rules what the agency stipulated. Clients then are hereby advised to read through the terms and conditions set by the agency. This is usually available through the agency’s website.

3. Never ever negotiate. Escorts rates are fixed. Haggling means that the client does not respect the escort’s right to proper billing. Rates are usually presented in the website, with corresponding number of hours serviced.

4. Never expect special treatment. This is especially true to first time clients, and to those who thinks they have high standing in society. The rules to follow are the agencies’ – nothing more. Remember that you are the one needing here, and adhering to rules is first and foremost for the protection of the escorts.

5. When calling by phone, don’t call drunk, disrespectful or ask for odd services. Before placing a call, clients are advised to research about the experience they want to have. Having a little background of the industry’s jargon will make the negotiation more comfortable. Clients who call in drunk or disrespectful will never be tolerated. Other callers also demand to be sent with additional pictures, which are a no-no in the part of the agency and the girls, or boys for that matter.

6. Upon meeting with the escort, clients are advised to tip the escorts at least 10% of the service rate. This is extremely important because most escorts take the time to be prepared. Perth Escort Agency values the importance of having the best escorts, and maintaining beauty and allure is no easy feat.

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