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Once he got the chance, he swiftly ran a finger up and down her smooth shapely leg. With his girl seated snugly close to him, he just felt a bit feverish. He then started to kiss her, encircling his tongue in hers while his hand searched out for her erect tits.

In just a while, they were sprawled on the bed, both nude. She had his rod halfway down her throat now whilst her one hand gripped his balls, massaging them gently. He just shut his eyes savouring the moment, moaning. Occasionally, she withdrew her lips as if to pause for breath but his body seemed to shake like crazy, begging her to go on…

He felt a high voltage of electricity run through his entire body and then she saw it cumming. Her eyes widened in delight as he spewed his goo up in the air, a hefty amount landing on her face and tits. She then quickly spread the sticky milk all over her throbbing breasts.

“How was that?” she asked in disbelief.
“Fantastic,” he said grinning with lust.
Sensing that she was waiting for her turn, he immediately laid her and sucked her nipples. She responded with groans, her body writhing in pleasure. He licked his way to her belly down to her shaved snatch. Once there, he parted open her lips by flicking his tongue and darted it in and out, over and over again. After a while, he sucked her treasure greedily.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” she screamed. She was delirious by now, her tits wriggling from side to side as her body shook violently. Her slit still leaking, she positioned on all fours and begged him to bang her doggy style.
Her bum was such an alluring target, and wasting no time, he rammed hard his enlarged prick into her portal as deep as it would go… His thighs crashed against her bum cheeks, and with an increased speed, blasted his load that filled her entire being!
Again, she yelled, “Fuck, fuck, fuck – shoot it to me baby!”

He plunged several times in and out until she felt like she was knocked off her feet. After the blast, they both flopped onto the bed, feeling wonderful!

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