Perth Escort Agency Tips on Dealing with Clients that Compares you to other Escorts

It can’t be denied that some escorts will encounter clients that compare them to other escorts too. Clients vary, and sometimes, they come with standards when it comes to things they want to do with the escorts, and the things that escorts are expected to do.

If in case you, as an escort, have encountered a client like this, there are possible ways that you can apply in handling such a situation. When dealing with this kind of stuff, being composed and professional is the best hope you have. This trick may also be the one trick that would allow you to last long in the adult entertainment industry.

Perth Escort Agency, one of the top escort agencies in Perth, offers these tips that you can ponder on, with regards to handling clients that keep comparing you (either negatively or positively) to other escorts:

1. Ask them to stop. Ask your client to stop the comparison. This, though, would depend on how your client critically compares you with the other escorts. Tell them honestly that you are there to do whatever he pleases, but berating you for anything is not likely to make the experience more pleasant. Say that you are not comfortable with listening to any of his rants. Your conversation may end up in a heated argument, but explain that comparison is a bit insulting and embarrassing – even if you are not the one he complains about.

2. Direct the conversation to another topic. Instead of letting your client continue on ranting or berating you, divert the conversation into another topic that is less stressful. Ask him about anything or comment on something else, say the common things you have observed between him and you. In this way, your client may not even realize that you have redirected the topic. If he still goes back to comparison, keep on diverting his attention from it.

3. If your client is not doing direct comparison, tolerate him. Keep also in mind that clients paid for your time, and they call the shots when it comes to how they would want to spend the time with you. If you can tolerate it without you interrupting him, then you are lucky. Sometimes, clients just want to share something, and giving him the assurance that you are listening may be enough.

4. Remain composed and professional, no matter what the stakes are. Never ever insult back if you are compared to another escort, whether or not you know her. Once you get pissed, this may tarnish your line of work and people may think less of you. Hence, just keep your mouth shut, or if you can’t, keep in mind the aforementioned three things on how to deal with clients that keep on comparing.

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