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The Joys And Tribulations Of Having A “Fuck Buddy”

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What’s a “fuck buddy” And do you have one? (Or are you planning to have one?) Well, if you look at online dictionaries, the phrase is actually defined as “a friend or acquaintance with whom a person regularly has sex, without the expectation of a romantic relationship”.  But before you try out having a “fuck buddy” here’s a fair and balanced view of the perks and problems of having one.

The Perks Of Having One

What are the perks and privileges of having a “fuck buddy”? Well, if you are already dating the lovely and sexy Perth Escort Agency, perhaps you won’t be needing a fuck buddy any more! Well, according to our beloved sex experts, there are  a lot of perks to having an FB.

For starters, you’ll have satisfaction at your fingertips. This means that you won’t have to wait any more for sex, and you’ll quickly get instant gratification with just one call or text! Second, in this casual-sex set-up, everyone gets what they want. This means there’ll be no more awkward conversations about their horrible exes, and there’ll be no more hesitations about letting them know what you want and when you want it.

Third, casual sex means that there’s no relationship, and no relationship means no rules! Thus, both individuals are free to sleep with whomever they choose, and talk or date with whoever they fancy. And of course having a “fuck buddy” means no awkward extra-social interactions, and no more boring family gatherings with your hookup partner, or reunions with her dorky high school friends!

The Problems Of Having A Hook-up Buddy

Now let’s go to the potential problems of having a fuck buddy. First, there’s always a risk of getting stung. This means that eventually someone will soon start falling for the other, and it’s a risk that both partners take when entering the “hookup zone”. To prevent this from happening, it would be best to be real and honest when you, or your “partner” starts getting real mushy!

The second problem is that you, or your partner, could fall prey to sexually-transmitted infections (STI). Thus, get tested regularly, because you’ll never know what kind of STI’s people could have. Third, casual sex encounters could end at any time, thus do not expect a courtesy text or phone call letting you know that it’s over! It’s because a hook-up buddy is meant to be temporary, and the sleazy late-night texts or phone calls are not going to last forever.

If you’re quite unprepared to deal with the potential pitfalls of having a hook-up buddy, why don’t you enjoy having a girlfriend experience instead, with the lovely and sexy Perth Escort Agency ladies?

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