Pleasure Trove

Pleasure Trove™  based in Perth, Western Australia, was established in 2004 and has quickly become the number one in adult home parties in the state. Pleasure Trove™ largely attributes that success to the quality of the product line, the image of its consultants and that you can purchase and take home many of our products on the night. The pleasurable yet fun presentation of the products makes for an entertaining and enlightening evening for the host and their guests.
Pleasure Trove™ Parties offers women and men an opportunity to rekindle the flames of romance and bring fun into their relationships by offering items ranging from mood setters to playful and adventurous. There truly is something at the party for everyone no matter how timid their personality or how bold. We strive daily to ensure that the products we carry fit the personality, needs and desires of each host and guest. We feel that it is our duty to please all that attend our parties and it is this that has made us successful. Book a party at
Pleasure Trove™ Online Shopping provides people with the opportunity to continue to purchase products from Pleasure Trove™ without having another party. If you cannot see an item on our online site please contact us on and we almost guarantee to be able to supply your needs.
Pleasure Trove™ Consulting Service was set up in 2005 when we realised that their were men and women who would not enter a “sex shop”, attend an adult party or order online without first seeing the product. Many women and men prefer to have a private consultation in their home with the opportinuty to buy products straight away.
Pleasure Trove™ is a friendly and informative service for all men and women regardless of their sexual orientation.


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